Arbour Media offers the following services.

Story, script, and program development.Working from your marketing, advertising, or program idea, Arbour can help you create a compelling story that will inform, educate, motivate, and entertain. We can also help you with professional legal and business advice about various critical issues related to video production and distribution.

Video production. High quality origination in Standard Definition, High Definition , or Ultra High Definition (2K, 4K) video on location, in whatever specific format your production might require, and tailored to fit your budget. Arbour Media offers one of the most complete location production capacities in the central Susquehanna Valley.

Video editing and post-production. Already have footage "in the can"? Arbour can create a program from it in our editing suite and finish it it whatever delivery format you may require.

Production, post-production, and web development for online video. Online video is a rapidly expanding new medium with requirements for success that differ from traditional video production. Arbour Media can produce video content that meets those requirements and get it online quickly and cost effectively whether via services like YouTube, Vimeo or your own CDN or video server. Arbour can also create a web site to present your video online or work with your current web design team to integrate video into your existing site.

Motion graphics. Motion graphics are a core component of nearly all educational, marketing, and advertising video. Arbour designs original motion graphics using industry-leading Abobe After Effects and Apple Motion software. We can work directly with your print designers to transfer your organization's graphic identity to video in a way that will convey your message tastefully and clearly.

Training. As the tools of video production become less expensive and more available, many organizations are considering how they might employ video in their work. One hurdle such organizations face is securing appropriate training for staff. Arbour Media provides video production training for small organizations interested developing an in house video production capacity.

Location and event support. Arbour Media assists film and video production companies in scouting and securing production locations in Central Pennsylvania, a surprisingly diverse region that can provide various historical and wilderness locales just three hours from New York or Washington D.C., or four hours from Philadelphia or Pittsburgh. Our local knowledge can save you time and money in location planning.

If you are an established video producer and need location production support in Central Pennsylvania, Arbour Media offers equipment rental from our stock of location production equipment including c-stands, Arri lighting heads, microphones, cables, audio mixers, miscellaneous grip equipment and related supplies. Availability of equipment depends on Arbour's current production schedule. Please call with specific inquiries.

If you are planning an event which you want video to be a part of, Arbour can help you solve the various technical challenges that arise in event video production.

What do Arbour Media's Services Cost?

We work hard to provide high-quality video production and post-production services for a fair fee.

Because the requirements, schedule, and location of every project are different, we determine an hourly or daily rate on a per project and per service basis only. Thinking About the Value and Cost of Producing Promotional Videos presents some ideas about how to think about cost.

If you have an idea for a project and want to know what it might cost to produce, please give Arbour Media a call at 570-847-9378 or email us at