About Arbour Media

Arbour Media is an independent video and web production company specializing in the production of original non-fiction and "factual" programming for distribution on television, the web, and DVD.

Arbour Media also does video production for select commercial and nonprofit clients. We produce short, high-quality videos for media, marketing, and public relations. Work for nonprofits involved in the arts, education, issue advocacy, and healthcare is an area of special interest.

Based in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, Arbour is within easy reach of New York City and upstate New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, and Washington D.C.

Arbour Media has produced work for some the nation's leading firms, including Cisco, PwC, Eli Lilly, City National Bank, and Pfizer in locations from New York to Los Angeles and many places in-between.


Peter Wiley, Executive Producer



A student of the theatre, filmmaking, rhetoric, political communication, international politics, and organizational behavior, Wiley brings a decade of college teaching experience and many years of non profit management and communications work to his role as Executive Producer at Arbour Media.

An advocate for public and liberal education at all levels, Wiley has served as a member of the Lewisburg Area School Board in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. Wiley has also served as a volunteer firefighter at the William Cameron Engine Company in Lewisburg, and also as the chair of the company's board.

Wiley has observed that firefighting and filmmaking are similar in that in both endeavors "one goes to a remote location with an awful lot of expensive, specialized equipment to face an emergent situation with hopes of a good outcome."